Sunday, May 10, 2015


So this is really a personal post or anything and I know I'm behind the times but I've been having problems with my laptop and/or phone. So I just saw this a week ago and wondered if I should even post about it or say anything but I guess I will. This post is about how disappointed I am in the book cover. I was excited when I'd heard it was finally out but then I saw it...

Above: My reaction

I wanted to love this cover... I mean it's the last book in one of best series I've read and also it was the very first one I ever read by my favorite author Jennifer Armentrout. No matter how many times I tried to tell myself it wasn't that bad it didn't work. It's awful, it's going to always be awful and the worst is it doesn't even match the other covers! Well, here it is...

All I can say is after seeing this, if Roth doesn't win Layla's heart, I'm going to lose it. I'll just sit on the sofa and cry for days... #TeamRoth

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