Friday, March 23, 2018

50/50 Friday - Favorite/Least Favorite Classic Novel

50/50 Friday is a weekly meme hosted by me and Laura from Blue Eye Books.

Topic for the Day
Favorite/Least Favorite Classic Novel

I've read quite a few classics in my time, though not nearly enough. I would like to change that soon. Some are just so hard to get through! Now this was so very hard for me to choose, as almost all the classics I've read, I've enjoyed. 

Least Favorite 
Now, this was still a great book and I did like it. I just wasn't a huge fan of the ending and that's really the only reason this book is here. 

I've sure if you've spent enough time here on this blog with me then you already knew that this book was going to be here. I mean, come one, this book is the best thing since sliced bread. 

Topic for Next Week
Best/Worst Book You Read for School


  1. I didn't like The Great Gatsby either when I read it years ago either.

  2. Dracula is wonderful! I was not overly fond of The Great Gatsby either. My husband has read all of Fitzgerald's books but that one for some reason. Maybe he knows he won't care for it as much as his others. :-)

  3. I still have to read Dracula! I've been working my way through classics for about five years now but that's one of the books I still haven't gotten to. I think I may put it ahead of the Odyssey and Wuthering Heights but I just cannot get into those books right now.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks


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