Top Ten Tuesday - Books I Wish Had More Kissing

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So for this week I'm telling giving you 10 books I wish had more kissing in them. I'm a sucker for romance and kissing and some books just need more kissing or better kiss scene in some cases.... but let's not go there today! 

10) The Raven King
I want more! I also want better kisses! 

9) RoseBlood
I just want more from this book period but more kissing would be super great!

8) Falling Kingdoms
I think this series would have been better with some kissing. Maybe that was why it didn't blow my skirt up the way I wanted it too. Who knows.

7) Hello, I Love You
It just need more kissing, plain and simple.

6) The Winner's Trilogy
I enjoyed this series a lot but it would have been better with more kissing.

5) PS I Love You
A romance novel should have more kissing.

4) A Torch Against the Night
I am in love with this series so far but it would be better if we had a few more kisses.

3) Storm Siren 
This was an amazing book! I just wish the two had at least more kiss....

2) The Falconer
I think a few more kisses would have helped the romance in this one.

1) Shadow and Bone
I would have loved to see more kissing between her and the Darkling. Because I'm one of those people love that love the Darkling. 


  1. Oohh you HAVE to continue the Falling Kingdoms series!! Kissing is had!! The books get sooo more intense and there's lots of kissing these days! Lol! I adore this series! The first book I remember was a bit rough, but I do remember reading it back to back with book 2, which helped a lot. Book 3 was better, book 4 was amazing and book 5...MIND BLOWING!!! Do reconsider continuing it! It takes awhile but once the kissing starts, it's INTENSE!!

    Now for some of these other, I still need to read Roseblood but already sobbing if it needs more kissing! Loved The Winner's Curse and thought it did pretty well as is, though yeah, a few more kisses wouldn't have hurt! A Torch Against the Night did better than the first one I thought, but just sooo many love complications and I feel like it's still going to be intense and yeah...not enough kisses. And ohhh, yes I would've loved a kiss with the Darkling! Sigh...

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    Have a GREAT day!

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