Monday, September 19, 2016

Music Monday - Lady Gaga

Music Monday is hosted by Always Me.

So I've so in love with this new song, I stayed up late listening to this song on repeat and I know all the lyrics. I'm so glad that she's back and putting out better stuff than the last album that shall never be named as it was terrible. This is such a good song and her voice is so real. She's back!!!

The next one I want to share is my favorite Lady Gaga song from her second and one of her best albums in my opinion. So I hope you enjoy this next song as much as I do.

So what songs are you listening to this week? Have a great day and happy reading!


  1. I wasn't sure about her new song at first, but I ended up by caring for it. :( I miss her older music. I love her older stuff.

    1. Her first album was the best followed by her EP, I miss those days though too. Though I'm happy with this at least. It's better than Artpop...

  2. I listened to her older stuff a lot, but I hadn't listened to her newest before now! Thanks for sharing, and linking up!


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