Monday, May 16, 2016

Music Monday (#1)

Music Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Lauren over at Always Me. The point of this meme is every Monday you share two of your favorite songs from the past week. So here are the songs I've been listening to like crazy!

I am not really sure why I love this song so much but it just connects with me.

This song hasn't been out long but ever since I heard it, a masterpiece! It's K-Pop and if you know me well enough you know I love the old Girls' Generation. Where all nine members were together. I also love Jessica from SNSD and this is her solo! The song is so sweet and uplifting and the beat is cute and catchy and it's so nice to see her in music again. I've missed her stunning voice for so long! I'm going to be listening to this song until my partner can't take it anymore. Sadly it won't let me upload the whole video so here is the teaser! 


  1. I haven't listened to much K pop, but I really like that candy song. I can't remember the title or group but it goes, candy candy sweetie sweetie...or idk something like that lol!

    1. I'm going to have to look that one up and see what group that's by lol

  2. Thanks very much for linking up! :)

    I've never seen/ heard a song quite like the Andy Black one before - that's pretty cool. I haven't really listened to much K-Pop in awhile, but the old Girls Generation was great.

    Thanks again - I hope you enjoyed linking up! :)

    1. Yeah We Don't Have to Dance is a very strange and different kind of song lol.


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