Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Book Haul (6)

This is my favorite book haul yet! I got a lot of great things. Some I bought myself with the money from my new job and others my partner bought me. Isn't he great? He knows just how to get to my heart. Love you +Steven Sallie not that he will even read this but yeah.

I've read the whole series before but never owned any of them. Then last week at Barnes and Nobles, it was there. The very last copy. I didn't think they'd sell this in a bookstore like B&N because it's an indie book but I was so excited to see it and I snapped up the last copy!

Yes, I already own a perfectly fine paperback copy but I saw this at Half Price books in hardback and it was brand new! Who on earth would want to give away this book?! Well, I guess I am... I'm going to sell them my paperback copy and get a different book.

I like this cover... yeah that's the only reason I bought it. Well, my partner got this one for me actually.

I found the UK version of this book and since I need to finish this series anyway, it worked. 

I already had this book in ebook form but my partner knows how much I hate dislike ebooks and when he saw this he got me the hardcover version. Isn't that so sweet?

This one goes without saying why I wanted it. Though I'm not happy with the retelling so far...

This book... I've reread this book so many times and I am not sure why. It's not the best book but I just keep coming back to it. The rest of the series isn't so good.

I got this book SIGNED! SIGNED! 

That's it for this book haul, what books have you gotten recently buttercups? Let me know below.


  1. I've been good and tried to stick to my ban (except Hexed which was on sale so I couldn't resist!) if I'd seen The Rose Society signed I would have bought it immediately though ahah. Lovely post as always

    Enchanted by YA:

    1. I can't keep to a ban... unless I simply have no money then it's easy lol. I just love books too much.

    Wow, you got so many books! I'm really jealous of you, especially since I've read a few of those books and I've loved them!
    Amazing book haul, I hope I'll get some new books soon too!

    1. Which ones have you read? I'm glad to know you love them at least! I know they will be good now :D

  3. Ah I really want to buy the new editions of the Mortal Instruments just because the covers are gorgeous haha. And that is so cool that you got a signed copy of The Rose Society -- I love Marie Lu!

    Great haul! :)

    ~Cari @

    1. I want to buy them all simply for the picture they create when all stacked together lol but they are beautiful! Thanks!

  4. So many amazing books! You got The Rose Society signed?!?! That's so cool! Happy reading!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I got lucky when I found it. I went into fangirl mode at the store.

  5. Signed The Rose Society?? Woah. So awesome! Enjoy!

    Denise @ I am Shelfless

  6. Awesome haul! :D And aren’t those TMI covers so beautiful!?


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