6 Halloween(ie) Reads

This is a small list of some awesome horror novels. Have you read any for the Halloween season? Do you have any good recommendations for me? Leave a comment and let me know! Now to the list my little sunflowers!

This book is very creepy and scared me quite a bit. Perfect to get into the Halloween mood. Which is almost over....  next comes Thanksgiving(US) though!

I admit to actually only having read this one in bright lights. I was too freaked out to try it at night.

This one didn't scare me but it had some creepy moments that is perfect for those that want a slight scare but still want to sleep at night.

This is kind of like Miss Peregrine's but to me it was scarier. CREEPY!

This one is the one that I freaked out over. I was so scared when reading this book that I huddled over in the corner of my bed with the blankets around me. I even slept with a night light for a few nights.  This book is not one I recommend for the feint of heart.  

This one was just creepy. Nothing too bad. I enjoyed it throughly though.


  1. Diary of a Haunting made my list too! Tho I still need to read it! Anna is on the list as well!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. It's a pretty creepy book! I'm almost finished with it.

  2. Well I'm going to add some of these to my to read list now...

  3. I'm reading Miss Peregrine's now for my book group. The cover alone was so creepy it was a tough selling getting some of us to vote for it! I really want to read Shutter now too. I'm a total wuss though so will probably end up sleeping with the lights on after!

    1. Shutter is freaking scary! I'm not even kidding. So yeah, you probably will want to sleep with the lights on :)


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