Thursday's Discussion (3)

This is going to be based on a book I read today, it got me thinking and since I still haven't read the fanfiction by Cassandra Clare yet I decided to go for this. In case you're wondering the book was called Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

The Question for the Week 

What themes are you willing to read? What themes go too far? Like drugs, incest, suicide, rape, gay rights, racism and so forth.

I personally am willing to give just about anything a try. With a few major exceptions, I won't touch anything with racism because it bothers me so much. I hate that this is even a thing still! We are all people, we are the same. Period. Those narrow minded people who can't see that disgust me!

But I don't mind to read about drugs. I've read some Ellen Hopkins books and they are heavy on the drug use. As a person who had been touched by the drug culture (quite a few of my family members), I relate to these books, I see the users and their lives falling apart but then I know what it's also like for the family. It's not easy to watch someone you love slowly die or turn into someone else.

As for the other things I don't mind reading about them either though suicide makes me very sad to read about and I usually stay away from it. Rape makes me angry and want to beat up the rapist. Incest.... I was so torn between being grossed out and wanting them to be together so much. Yeah, weird feelings.

So that's it buttercups! Tell me below what themes and such you can read and the ones you just won't touch. I look forward to seeing your answers!


  1. I think the only themes like this is read would be suicide and gay rights. I've experienced both of these things first-hand (sometimes together), so I love to see other people's point of view. As for the rest of it, I feel like I'd be way to angry to actually like the book. I have read a few books with racism themes, and I never liked any of them. I just find it hard to like a book that makes me so angry.... I'm actually currently writing a book that deals with suicide, and that's just because I have very different opinions about suicide than most people, and I want to get my opinions out there. I may try to go into incest a bit at some point though...

    1. I completely agree! I can't read a book that makes me so angry! When you finish your book let me know! I'd love to see your thoughts on suicide. If you go into incest I'll read that too :)

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  3. Great post Carrie! I really enjoy reading about the hard hitting topics when they're done right. I can read about homophobia, racism, and rape, but only if the author is using it as a message on today's society. Lies We Tell Ourselves explores racism and homophobia, but it's done really well, and I really enjoyed that book!

    I hate incest so much. In The Mortal Instruments I really didn't like it, so I don't think I'll enjoy it in other books. I usually don't like chronic illnesses (like TFIOS) because there's so many books about it these days, and I just find it to be done really badly. I'm not usually a massive fan of suicide, but then again, my favourite book is entirely based around suicide.

    1. I agree with you about chronic illnesses. I just can't read those kinds of books. They aren't done very well and they make me so freaking sad.


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