Fictional Boyfriend Tag

I actually found this tag floating around BookTube and since I love fangirling about my book boyfriends... it fits.

1) Most romantic boyfriend
 Edward from Twilight. He takes the cake for this one. I mean he's totally romantic. 

2) Dark and moody bad boy with a good side
Daemon Black. Yeah he's moody and totally dark.

3) Paranormal boyfriend
Clay. He's actually from an adult book series. Women of the Otherworld.

4) Boyfriend you want to tame
Maybe Seth... yeah maybe him.

5) Boy you friend zoned
Ben Parish from The 5th Wave.

6) Your soul mate
Daemon Black. I want him.

7) Boyfriend you want to elope with
Jack Force. From Blue Bloods. Love that series.

8) Boyfriend you'd venture anywhere with
Cam from Wait for You.

9) Boyfriend you'd want to be stranded on a desert island with
Captain Jack Sparrow. And before anyone freaks out because he's from movies. They actually had a junior book series about him. So yeah he's in books too.

10) Most badass boyfriend
Jace Wayland.

As for who I tag. Everyone! Seriously, I would love to see all of your answers sunflowers. If you do this tag please leave a link below. 


  1. Really interesting answers! I can't say I've seen this book tag anywhere :/

    TheDonkeyInvasion - A Bookish Blog!

    1. Yeah I've only seen it on BookTube. I've not seen any blogger do it.

  2. You make me want to read the Lux series! I keep hearing about Daemon Black everywhere. This series has been in my tbr for so long, I think I will finally read it. Great post!

    1. You should read it! It's one of my favorites <3

  3. You're not allowed take Daemon Black, he's mine! Haha :) Great tag, Carrie!

  4. Well, now that you mention Daemon Black...Great tag!
    Anyway I have nominated you for some awards. Check them out:

  5. Ooo great tag. Let me just say some of them I am right there with you. Like Jace, whew! I may have to do this tag soon, it seems like such a fun one to do!

    1. It is fun! And I'd love to see your answers!

  6. I really need to read the Lux series. I ordered the first 2 books on book outlet and I should be getting them soon :D Im missing out on everyone's obsession with Daemon. And good choice with jack sparrow! I wouldn't have thought of him but he's actually perfect for that category!

    1. Omg you must tell me what you think after you read the two books! We can fangirl over the perfection that is Daemon! Lol yeah I thought Jack was a perfect choice <3


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