Monday, July 20, 2015


This is just going to be a quick post but I wanted to let you lovely sunflowers know that I'm going to be doing my first giveaway soon! It's going to be the end of July or the beginning of August. I'm going to be giving away 4-5 physical books. I'm still debating if I should make it international or not though. But I hope you guys all get excited! This is my way of saying thank you for reading my blog and helping me reach over 200 followers! You guys are seriously the best ever! I'd hug you all if I could. So that's all for now. I'll post how to enter and such when I actually do the giveaway. Have a wonderful day! 


  1. THIS IS AMAZING NEWS.. Congrats on reaching 200+ followers!!!! Well deserved Carrie <33

  2. Whoo hoo! 200 followers! Congratulations! :D

  3. Congrats on getting to your goal!! :D hope your giveaway will work out the way you want it to! :)

  4. Great job on 200 followers Carrie! I am so happy for you.

  5. Awesome! Congrats! I would definitely make it international *wink*wink* :P

    Congrats on the 200 followers :)

    1. Thank you! I honestly think I will make it international as a lot of my followers are aboard and I want to be able to include them :)

  6. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers! That's a great achievement! :)


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