Sunday, June 21, 2015

Weekly Reading (2)

So I did one of these weekly reading so freaking long ago and I thought why not bring it back full time? Let all you lovely people see what I'm reading. So here goes....

1) Prophecy (Legacy #2)

2) Deity (Covenant #3)

And then if all goes well and I get both of those finished, *fingers crossed*

3) City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2)

That will be enough for the week, I usually read quickly but my little girl is teething and hasn't been feeling well. I feel so bad for toddlers, so much is going on for them and then they have to go through the pain of cutting teeth?


  1. YOU have a baby? well try using "orajel" or cover a tissue in tequila and rub it on the baby's sore gums.
    I know it sounds super weird and unmotherly but it works! It will stop the pain.
    Nice blog!

    1. Thanks I'll have to try that! She's in so much pain :) Lol yes I have a baby, I'm older than I look :P

  2. "City of Ashes" is good so hope you finish it! the series for me really kicks off in "City of Glass"

    1. I bought City of Glass today and can't wait to finish them both :)

  3. I loved the City Of Ashes... Though to be fair I loved the whole series. I haven't read Prophecy yet, though have seen some good reviews.

    1. The series is amazing! This is my second time going through them and I love them just the same. You need to read Prophecy! It's really good!


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